Who We Are


Tan Swee Im, Siva & Partners is a law firm focusing on the construction sector. Based in Kuala Lumpur and having its branch in Johor Bahru, the firm serves clients in Malaysia, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East. 

We have assisted our clients in contracts and commercial management including developing their procurement strategy, contract drafting, negotiations, contract administration and dispute resolution. Through our work with developers, contractors, sub-contractors and consultants across the region including Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam, and Thailand, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Qatar, we have developed a strong understanding of local contractual environments. 

The firm is led by lawyers who are experienced in the construction industry and commercial work. Their core competencies cover a range of issues relating to project procurement, including developing the appropriate contracting model for the project, risk assessment and allocation, tender review, contract negotiation and drafting. They have significant experience in advising their clients on the full range of industry standard forms of contract as well as bespoke forms. They understand why disputes arise and how to manage and resolve them therefore they are well equipped to support the management of commercial claims and counterclaims and explain the contractual process in negotiations. 

The firm offers clients considerable experience in both contentious and non-contentious aspects of construction and engineering projects. We also deal with alternative dispute resolutions such as arbitration, mediation, adjudication, and matters related to sports law.